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Car Audio Near Me is an online store offering a wide selection of consumer electronics goods designed to enhance the performance of your automotive sound system. Our goal is to offer you the best selection of car stereos head units, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and subwoofer boxes as well as a wide range of installation and performance-enhancing accessories. Some studies say that we spend as much as 20% of our lives in our cars. Why not make this experience an enjoyable one?

With music playing such an important role in the way we feel and go about our lives having a high-performance car audio system is ideal. Regardless of what you're looking to replace your factory speakers, make a basic car stereo upgrade, or put together a competition worthy sound system, at CarAudioNear.Me we hope to bring you the best deal on your next car stereo, car speakers, amplifier, sub or subwoofer box. You can now avoid the traffic and crowds of big box stores and shop online in the convenience of your home or work using our secure Amazon checkout and shopping cart. Shop with confidence and choose from top selling brands such as Pioneer, Kenwood, Clarion, Alpine, Sony, JL Audio and more.

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Car Audio Upgrades

While many people would like to update the car stereo system in their vehicles, many have issues selecting the right type of equipment. For way too long cheesy car audio brands have been playing consumers for fools. By slapping outrages claims on retail boxes that fall short when it comes to delivering! If you don't believe us just take a walk up and down a flea market near you and see tiny little Chinese built amplifiers claiming to have 1000 Watts of output. In reality, we are lucky if we can squeeze 100 watts out many of these units. It is, for this reason why so many car audio enthusiasts seek the help of a brick-and-mortar car audio stores. While there's nothing wrong with that and something we did for over 25 years. The problem with a brick-and-mortar establishment is overhead. Yes, rent for a business is not cheap, then you need electricity, phone number, at the end of the day you still need a website, and you still need to do marketing! With all of that said and after doing it for so long, we decided to go virtual. Furthermore, we hope to give you all the inside information we can gather on every product we carry making you a smarter consumer. That is something that whether you buy from us or not you will always have. In every product description, we intend to give you hints on what is the best application as well as related products that may make your installation as well as the overall sound quality of your car stereo more enjoyable.  

Car Stereo Installation

Another obstacle that keeps people from upgrading their car audio system is the actual car stereo installation. While taking the dash apart may look complicated and installing an amplifier and or speakers and even bigger task in many instances this can get done with just a few hand tools, you may already own. If you have a Phillips screwdriver, a flat screwdriver, some wire cutter or crimper, and a small socket set you are already equipped to handle about 80 to 90% of all car stereo installations. Except for a handful of exotic vehicles and some oddballs, there are premade wire harnesses and dash kits available to make even the greenest rookie a car stereo installation expert.

With that said, it is important that you understand that there is a little bit of design and engineering involved when upgrading any car audio system. You should start with finding as much as you can about your vehicle. There are several online directories where you can research what size head unit your vehicle has, what size and type of front and rear speakers, what dash kit and the harness are required, and if any computer interfaces or modules are needed. Whether you have experience installing car radios or not this is a task everyone should be able to do by just following some basic principals and instructions. As a matter of fact, this is the number one thing every professional car stereo installation shop does. We firmly advocate the use of harnesses and avoid cutting any wires in your vehicle. Over the next few months, we will be posting blogs on subjects and questions our customers may have. Please follow us on social media and feel free to shoot is a line if you have any questions before your purchase. At Car Audio Near Me, we enjoyed music and enjoy car audio we hold that if you are looking for a car audio shop near you consider CarAudioNear.Me.

Car Stereo Sale

A car stereo sale is something that every car audio enthusiasts look forward to, especially during the holiday season. Let's be real who doesn't like a discount? At CarAudioNear.Me we look forward to outsourcing the lowest car audio prices every day. As a member of the Amazon marketplace, we can provide you a broad range of brands and nothing but the best car audio speakers, amplifiers, head units, and installation accessories. We look forward to helping you build a car stereo system you are not only happy with but probably of owning. We would also like to be a resource of accurate information in a broad range of subject ranging from the actual installation of a car audio system to the selection of components and best practices. Music is something that is very personal. The range of genre is as broad as the way we listen to it. However, with that said there are some basic guidelines and the design and implementation of a car audio system. Most of them can be traced back to the recording studio. While some segments of the audio industry such as pro audio and home theater have been very willing and acceptance of some of these fundamentals the car audio fanatics rarely take them into consideration.

Regardless of the type of music, you listen. If you apply fundamentals embrace by audiophiles and recording engineers like your listening experience will be greatly enhanced. For example, understandings the principal of front stage and rear fill is imperative to having a high-quality, high-performance car stereo sound system. If you are fortunate enough and have a chance to go to a small jazz club, a famous recording studio or any small venue live music event you will understand why so much emphasis is placed on achieving a good soundstage. With that said we hope that the next time someone says worries their car audio near me, you say at CarAudioNear.Me!