Car Audio Amplifiers

Are you looking for a great deal on a car audio amplifier? At CarAudioNear.Me we offer a wide selection of Mono Subwoofer Amplifiers, 2-Channel Car Amps, Multi-Channel Car Amp, 4 Channel Amplifiers, 5 Channel System Amplifiers,  Marine Amplifiers in both Class A/B and Class-D variety. The amplifier is responsible both the loudness any part the clarity of your car audio system. Both Class A/B and Class-D work at their best when running at about 50% of their power rating. In other words, if you wanted to listen to music at 50 Watts it is best to purchase a 100 W amplifier. On the same note purchasing an amplifier that it is rated at 200 or 300 Watts of power does not mean you have to listen to it at that level. Most people who are into sound quality have a tendency of overpowering their systems. By doing this, they keep the amplifier from distorting and cool at the same time. When it comes to choosing amplifiers for a car audio system the options are endless. At Car Audio Near Me, our focus is quality and are, in our opinion some of the best amplifiers in the market today.

Car audio amplifiers are the devices responsible for taking the low-level signal from your head unit and converting it into power the speakers can use to reproduce sound. Car audio amplifiers, in particular, have evolved significantly over the last few years. Car audio amplifiers are divided into three main groups Class A, is now the rarest since it is that less efficient. Class A/B is the most common type of car audio amplifier available today. However, it is quickly being overtaken by The Class D, digital class amplifier. Although not a true digital device, it's fast clocking digital power supply makes it one of the most efficient. Eventually, we will move on to 100% digital technology such as the one offered by the Clarion Car Audio Z3 DSP unit which uses LSI chips (large scale integration) technology. For the meantime, your choices are either a Class A/B or a Class D. Each of these has its pros and cons. Many people will argue that the Class A and even the Class A/B have the best sound quality. However, for many imported vehicles with small alternators, Class D often offers the best solution.

With a class the amplifier to be able to overcome the inefficiencies commonly associated with Class A and Class A/B amplifiers. One of the major advantages of the class the serious is that they transform very little power into heat. This means that more power is sent to the speakers. Depending on the manufacturer this number can range between 65 to 75%. For this reason, Class-D amplifiers have become extremely popular with owners of compact vehicles with small batteries and small alternators.

More often than not Class-D amplifiers are also smaller in size. Class-D amplifiers are also considered to have a higher distortion level. This is all dependent on the quality. High-end Class-D amplifier's PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) are known for modulating the original audio input signal with a triangulated signal wave which has a much higher fixed frequency. The result is a combination signal the carries both the ideal signal and a power supply modulation a lot like LSI chips (large scale integration) technology.