Car Subwoofers

If you are looking to add bass to your car audio system, you are looking for a subwoofer. At Car Audio Near Me, we offer a wide selection of some of the best-rated car subwoofer in the market today. Why such a large selection? Well, subwoofer comes in a wide range of sizes, specs, and construction materials. The combination of these three, as well as the electromagnetic properties, dictate not only the type of bass the speaker will generate but also the size and type of enclosure it will require. Some subwoofers with high Q factor may not require an enclosure. These type of subwoofer are sometimes referred to by car audio enthusiast as free-air subs. If you are looking for a car sub, your choices are endless! At Car Audio Near Me, we have chosen what we perceived as some of the best car subs in the market today. We have also taken into consideration application. Please take a look at our selection of car subs for seal, ported and infinite baffle applications.