Component Car Speakers

When looking to get the best performance from a car audio system the best way to go about it is with component speakers. Unlike coaxial drivers where we use multiple drivers one frame or housing to cover the desired frequency range with components, we use specific component speakers that are chosen and assigned a given frequency range. With component speakers, we can choose a dedicated midbass driver, midrange driver, high-frequency driver, and in some cases" for high-frequency driver also known as a super tweeter. Here is an assortment of component speakers and kits to help you accomplish the best car audio reproduction.

Just like with coaxial speakers when choosing components we have to be vigilant about clearance and mounting debt. Components, in particular, have a tendency of being bulkier by nature. These are speakers designed to deliver the best sound quality possible. Before deciding to buy components is important to understand that in the majority of cases they will require some customization, fabrication, and alteration of the interior of the vehicle. While some factory car stereo systems have components speakers, for example, the BMW M3, rare is the case when you have a vehicle with a pre-built tweeter location.

Having an audiophile quality sound system in a vehicle does not mean cutting up the doors and messing around with the integrity of the car's interior. With more than 25 years of experience in car audio installation and having worked in many exotic and antique vehicles I rarely ever cut a hole in a car, and we recommend you don't either. If properly executed flush mounted tweeters, not only in the door panels but also in the pillars is not something frowned upon by the majority of individuals looking to buy a used car. This is especially true if the car audio system sounds better than average or at least better than factory. That is of course unless we are talking about an exotic vehicle and or and antique!

We strongly recommend you look at your options and whenever possible consider kick panels or consider mounting the tweeters in the pillars if these are easy to replace. As a matter of fact in my vehicle, I went ahead and outsource a spare set of pillar moldings, ended up modifying those and saved the originals for when I sold the car.