Car Audio Brands

At CarAudioNear.Me we know car stereo, and therefore we choose to include in our online store brands that represent a balance between value and performance. Yes, there are a lot of very expensive, high-end audio brands out there. On the same token, there are some very cheap car stereo name brands out there known for lack of performance a short lifespan. As car audio enthusiasts we have a pretty good feeling about what works, what doesn't work, what made breakdown and out being a return, but most important words convey you the best performance for your money. With that said here the brands, we recommend.

While having top branded equipment is a good way to get the most performance for your car audio system, sometimes, choosing the right equipment is better. We urge you to be realistic when it comes to buying a new car stereo or designing an entire audio system. Way too often we see car audio enthusiasts spend as much as 70 or 80% of their budget on, leaving little or no budget for speakers, subwoofer, and amplifiers. I know, I know everyone wants the best of everything but the true reward of having an aftermarket car stereo system is having one this sounds awesome. Be realistic about your budget. Put together a system that not only you can afford but also divide your budget into the four major areas that will need to get upgraded. To have a complete system a head unit, front and back speakers, at least one subwoofer, and an amplifier.